Printing equipment

Mimaki JV5 digital printer

For fashion printing or interior design, our printing machines offer the solution.
The Printtex180 digital textile belt printer offers innovation, efficiency and high quality printing.
With a virtual unlimited number of colors...

T-shirts & leggings

T-shirt, leggings, digitally printed

Printing t-shirts and leggings is our speciality.
Front, back or all over printing, we can print and produce high quality t-shirts for your personal use or for your buissines.
We offer manufacturing services ...

Fashion production

fashion digital printing

Build your collection with us, with our printing , cutting and sewing services we can provide the complete solution for your brand. We can print and manufacture t-shirts, dresses, scarves, jeans, tops, etc. ...

Custom t-shirts online

Design your style online, with

Use text, clipart designs and your photos to speak your mind. Offering simple front and/or back printing and the most advanced All Over t-shirt printing services, we can make your t-shirt unique.



Custom t-shirts online

About Us

Printtex DigitalTextile SLWe are located in the south of Spain, in the city of Ayamonte. We specialiaze in digital printing on fabrics, manufacturing of garments for fashion and interior design.


Our address is :

C/ Ribera del Guadiana 35.3

21400 Ayamonte, Huelva.

Tel: 672 164342 is a member of the DigitalTextile group.