Heat fixation for textile printing

Heat fixation unit: Even heat in heating zone of the fixation system is extremely important for stable and superior quality control. Our Heat Fixator has PID control of temperature to maintain stable target value. Also can control the max. heat capacity, so it is possible to reduce the heat capacity (KW) during slow operation under inline operation mode. Linear speed of feeding also take effect on temperature.



  • Air dust collector is combined together in bottom position of the machine
  • Linear speed control by a pair of rubber rolls in take-up system
  • Tension control unit is available in take-up system
  • Available in two versions : 1600mm (63″) and 1900mm (75″)
  • 15 minutes of warming up time
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Read more about our Wash X.

Technical specifications

Version 1600

Version 1900

Max width of printed media 1600mm (63″) 1900mm (75″)
Production speed max 2m/min (200m/h)square max 2m/min (230m/h)square
Operation temperature 160º C ˜ 220º C 160º C ˜ 220º C
Physical size Width 1000mm Width 1000mm
Length 2450mm Length 3150mm
Height 1400mm Height 1400mm
Weight 550Kg 700Kg
Drum diameter 260mm 260mm
Drum length 1700mm 2000mm
Power AC220/240V 4 kw 18A AC220/240V 6kw 27A
380V available in option 380V available in option