PrintTex 180 belt printer

The new game changing digital textile belt printer now for sale
Summer introduction offer EURO 59.000

All parts with EU CE certificate and new print head technology. Never before was so affordable to buy a large format digital textile printer, capable to print up to 240m²/h thanks to his 8 EPSON printheads and combined with the successful RIP software NeoStampa, this printer has no rivalry on the actual market.

We also offer the 4 printhead version for as low as EURO 46.000, and our top quality European made pigment ink with better BLACK (K) than Dupont for only 50€ per liter.

(Prices includes the separate dryer)

No way you can find a more affordable printer, well known brands sell their printer for as high as 500.000€ ( see Kornit Alegro ) or you can pay 280.000€ for a Mimaki Leopard (ex LaMecanica), the speeds on both this machines are pretty similar.

Don’t pay a fortune anymore for a brand, pay the fair price for the right quality machine.


  • Professional textile belt carrier system
  • Suitable to various textile dye inks
  • 4/8 Epson 5113 printheads
  • Print up to 1800mm wide
  • Active dancing bar prevents weft strain on knit fabric
  • 4 or 8 colors ink available
  • New inkjet control system
  • Auto belt washing & drying unit
  • All-in-one computer operation platform

Technical specifications

  • Maximum print width: 180 cm
  • Fabric type: knitted or woven cotton, linen, wool, poly… etc
  • Fabric thickness: 2-30 mm range is adjustable
  • RIP software: NeoStampa
  • Printhead: 4/8 EPSON 5113 (3200 nozzles each)
  • Ink types: reactive, disperse, pigment, acid
  • Dimensions mm: 3500 x 2500 x 1750
  • Weight: 1700 kilos
  • Power supply: 380V three phase

Printing speed

8 printheads speed:

3 pass = 240 square meters per hour
4 pass = 180 square meters per hour
6 pass = 120 square meters per hour

4 printheads speed:

3 pass = 120 square meters per hour
4 pass =  90  square meters per hour
6 pass = 60 square meters per hour